Friday, April 30, 2010

Today I learned...

... that the Star Spangled Banner was based on a poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key about what he witnessed in the War of 1812.
... that Lincoln Logs were created in 1918.


I'm back from WW and I lost 0.2.  Its the same old story, a loss is a loss.  I was happy I lost although I can always manage to make myself feel like it wasn't enough.  I always have the feeling of wanting to turn around and leave the meeting when I have a gain or a small loss but I never do...  I always always always stay for the meetings.  I feel like its the most important thing to do in that moment.  It starts my week out the right way and quite frankly I have known many people who never stayed for meetings and they don't do as well.  I truly believe there's something to it.  But anyways, sometimes (like today) I feel like I'm staying against my own will and today I sat there and went over in my mind how irresponsible I was this week.  Forget about the not running or exercising...  I always ate that extra cookie, I ate some meat, some cheese, hardly measured anthing and didn't track the end of most of my days....  it was just like I didn't care this week at all.  I never act this way.... I deserved to only lose 0.2 this week... even after gaining 0.8 last week.  So, as the meeting went on I started to feel a little more motivated, and I decided I was going to list what I WAS going to do this week & this month.

I will RUN. 
I will stay within my points
I'm not going to have a sip of alcohol this weekend.  I don't drink during the week anyway so it goes without saying.
I'm going to eat lots of veggies!!  I've been so slacking on this lately, and it makes me feel guilty.
I am going to count every little thing that goes into my mouth.
I'm going to try some new recipes, cause honestly I'm bored.
I'm going to get back to basics.  Today my leader talked about how gung ho we are when we first get started ~ I want that feeling back again.
water water water.
No meat!! 
I will get these last 5 lbs off...  Stop making excuses and just do it already.  Its too late in the game to start sabotaging myself now...  get a grip, get up and stay up!!  ooooh baby I'm channeling my inner Jillian!!

I really need to do this, I feel awful when I'm not motivated.  I really do think the weather has a major negative affect on my mood.... and guess what?  Its raining again today,  if this ever ends I swear I will run!! lol  I will I will I will....  I need it, my body needs it, my mind, heart and soul needs to run.   

Peace xo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today I learned...

... that an aphorism is a succinct statement expressing an opinion or a general truth.  An example of this is "a stitch in time saves nine".
... what the saying above actually means.  I had heard that before but never knew it meants if you fix something now while its a small problem it saves fixing a big problem later.  So true when it comes to weighloss, eh?  10 lbs is lot easier to lose than 50.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I learned...

... that the human body produces no water itself.  I guess this makes sense, I just never thought of that.
... that its almost impossible to watch shows you've missed online if you live in Canada.  My pvr messed up and didn't tape Biggest Loser last night and I can't find it online and I don't want to know who got kicked off until I see it and this is causing me stress!

A big bummer mish mosh

Well, I feel like I'm not a good blogger these days.  I'm in sort of a blah place these days and finding myself with not a ton to say.  I had another really bad 3 day weekend.  My mother had a bridal shower on Sunday for my sister-in-law-to-be and it was just another stressful weekend filled with terrible eating (& drinking).  Have I mentioned before that they get married in Cuba in 2 weeks and me and my boyfriend are not going.  This is causing me to emotionally eat..  I think.. I can't really figure out whats going on.  We are holding on to a shred of hope that at the last minute we could go but we're waiting for my bf's permanent residency card to come in the mail because he can't leave Canada in the meantime.  Because he's American he's not really supposed to go to Cuba.  Its been a hassle from the get go.  I bum hard when I think about not being at my brothers wedding but if its not meant to be its nots meant to be.  To top it off my parents figured the best time to remodel the kitchen would be when they're away.  Makes sense I guess but we'll be moving the fridge into the garage and having to bbq all week.. haha not to mention not being able to enter the kitchen, and the living room and basement are both off the kitchen so we'll be spending the week in our room, watching dvd's because there's no cable in there.. hahahahaha omg thats sad.  Oh it just gets better and better. 

I also haven't ran in a week... I hate when I don't run.  The weather hasn't been great, but we do have a treadmill so there's really no excuse but I just can't seem to get motivated.  My birthday is coming up and my bf is getting me my watch (featured at the side of my screen) and I just feel like that is exactly what I need to get my running mojo back.  Don't we all need a new gadget every now and then to put the spark back in our workout?  I def do!

So to add something positive I suppose I am down a bit in my weight, I don't know how I managed that but I might actually be able to stay down for the rest of the week.  That would be sweet, for whatever reason that gain last week nearly broke me.  I know better than that, I think it was the straw on the camel's back scenario.. lol.  I'm scared that these last 5 lbs are causing me to have a mental block.  Thats so rediculous to me, I know what I have to do, excercise and stay within my points and they are the 2 things I can't do.  Ugh.  Ok so this just happened to be the biggest bummer post.  I know I'll get out of it, I'm reading some blogs that really cheer me up so thank you guys for that.  If this rain ever stops I'll get out for a run..........  geez I hope :(

Peace xo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today I learned...

... that the longest river in Canada is called the MacKenzie, named after the first person to cross Canada.  The rivers previous name was "The River of Disappointment".
... Mr. Mandelbaum on Seinfeld is the father of Beau and Jeff Bridges, and according to my father, Todd Bridges.... lol.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Today I learned...

... that I have a new follower, Welcome Drazil!
... that Bret Michaels is in critical condition in the hospital.  Not good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today I learned...

... that at the 1996 Olympic Games the USA played against the USA for Gold in woman's beach volleyball.  I played trivial pursuit tonight.. lol

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today I learned...

... that when a man leaves the top 3 or 4 buttons of his shirt open to expose his pecs & chest it's called heavage.
... the average person breathes about 22,000 time per day.  
... that I'm up 0.8

I tried

Well, I'm back from WW and I'm up 0.8.  Oh well, I tried to undo the damage from the weekend but just didn't have enough time.  Sometimes when you spend 3 days eating whatever you want, 4 days isn't enough time to recover.  This just means a big loss next week, I get it.  I have to say though, no matter how hard I try to stay positive a gain is always such a total BUMMER! humph.  I think what bothers me really is yesterday I was 0.6 away from having it off and so yesterday I ran, worked hard with my dad, ate really well and I was up 0.4 on my home scale this morning.  Theres the gain when you expect it and deserve it but then theres the gain when you feel like you didn't deserve it and that, for me, is a little harder to swallow.  But again, I know that I do deserve it in the end.  On my way home from my meeting I asked myself inside my head "was it worth it?" and guess what... the answer was YES.  It actually was and I can't get around that, so it was only .8 in the end.  The 4 days of working hard was worth getting as much off as I could so that it was not a 4, 3 or 2 lb gain. 

Oh and another thing with me lately I'm sooooo clutsy.  I don't know if thats a sign of anything but I am dropping things and knocking things over like nobody's business.  As if I wasn't feeling bad enough, after my weigh in I went and got myself an extra large coffee from Tim Hortons, getting out of my car, I dropped it and every last bit of it spilled into my driveway, hadn't even cracked it yet!!  I literally just shook my head and picked up the cup and lid, I'm not even phased by it anymore cause its just become the story of my life, but I did mourn my coffee a little bit. 

Anyway, so I'm trying not to feel sad, the sun is shining and I'm ready to start the weekend.  Love ya all, and hope you all have a fab weekend!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I learned...

... that my blood pressure is perfect. 
Honestly, thats all I can think of...  my brain is shutting off for the night.

Quinoa Salad

So for my first attempt at making Quinoa I threw together this little recipe.  Super easy, and was a hit with all 6 in my house,  check and check.

1 cup of Quinoa
1 cup of water
1 cup of vegetable broth
1 cup of chick peas
1 cup of mixed veggies
2 tbsp olive oil
few splashes of soy sauce
tsp basil
1 clove of garlic, minced

Bring the water & veg broth to a boil then add quinoa.  Simmer for 20 mins.  In a separate pot boil veggies & chick peas.  In a big bowl add all ingredients & toss.  This is not exactly it, but it looked like this (with more veggies)

This was my first time making and it and I am honestly excited to make it again because there's so much you could do to play around with it.   If anyone has made it and loved it please share your ideas with me;)  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today I learned...

... how to cook Quinoa and that I like it.
... that I still get affected by something I thought I had made my peace with.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today I learned...

... that there are no poisonous snakes in Maine. 
... supposedly if you leave the avocado pit in your guacamole it slows down the oxidization.  This may just be an old wives tale.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Today I learned...

... that Almond Breeze is really good, low in calories but doesn't have the protein I would like in a "milk".
... that I was up 4 lbs from the weekend. 
... what vegan cheese tastes like.  Not bad.
... that Lady Gaga will perform on American Idol May 5, not sure how I feel about that.
... that Jennifer Aniston might be pregnant.  I'm still  trying to confirm that.

The best and worst of a 3 day weekend

I have had the worst 3 days of eating in a very very long time.  It started friday after my weigh-in.  I had a donut, then fast food (I hate to even say what) then pizza and beer that night.  Normally that would not be bad but let me tell you that was just the beginning.  Saturday night was my sister-in-law-to-be's bachelorette party.  I tried to start my day off good because I knew that the evening was going to be a write off.  I had to drive to the city for it and I went up with my cousin.  We also had to do some visiting before hand, my best friend had a baby so I went to see her and my other cousin just had a baby as well so we went to see them too.  Two 2 week old babies in a matter of hours, I was in total heaven.  By the time we were ready to head to the bach party we were totally ravenous.  We went to McDonalds, I hate to even admit it.  It was so good but I regreted it right away.  Then the night of debauchery began, there was so much food there that half of it didn't even get put out.  So many drinks, so many shots, dips, chips, cake... oh my.  Sunday started off terrible too..  oh course.  The party was at my sister in laws so 5 of us crashed there, including the bride to be (who was not feeling too hot the next morning to put it mildly) so instead of starting the day with a healthy balanced breakfast we dug out all the leftovers dips and cakes and gorged all over again! Ugh!  and theeeennn, sunday I went home and after eating a footlong sub, spent the rest of the day sleeping (thankfully not eating) then in the evening my sister in law (to be) arrived home (yeah we all live with my parents) and with her she brought... (haha oh god) the cake that was shaped like a p*nis...  ummm well what was left of it.. ahahhaha.  It was sitting on the counter when I came downstairs and first I thought omg how did that thing get here and then I thought hmm I just take a little sliver..  oh man it was so moist and chocolately and delish... ugh.. I feel weird just writing that.. lol but I can't help it.  I went back upstairs to watch tv in bed and all I could think about what that cake.  Well, I did it again, I snuck downstairs and took another sliver and the second was better than the first.  Thankfully the cake was gone when I got up this morning, I never wanted to see it again.  However, I got on the scale this morning and I'm up 4 lbs.  I hate myself right now.  I know it reflects every bad decision I made but to be honest I didn't need the scale to make me aware of the damage I'd done.  My always reassuring supportive boyfriend told me I'll be fine, I'll get it back off by the end of the week, even if not all of it I'll have a really good loss the next week.  I really love that boy.  Anyway, I just had to confess this all right here this morning..  bad 3 day weekend you guys but fun fun fun.  I ate some meat & dairy and my whole body HATES me for it!  But its working on forgiving me...  I just have to forgive myself.   Peace xo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today I learned...

... that the movie Pirate Radio was terrible.

Today I learned... (Apr 17)

... that winter is far from over... snow again!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today I learned...

... that I lost another 2 lbs.
... that my soy chocolate ice cream has almost 3 times the fat as my moms chocolate frozen yogurt.  3 vs 8.  I don't need an ice cream substitute that bad.
... that avocado's are a bitch to use if they're not ripe.

Wow, I never knew that!

Its early in the morning (I can't sleep in any more), I'm sitting here alone just waiting to go to WW.  I think I'm down so I feel pretty good about it.  I was reading some of my comments and I noticed that sometimes people are interested in where exactly I learn things.  I have to say that ever since I began this journey, and put myself in a position where I look for something new I've learned every day, it has opened my eyes to lessons learned and just interesting facts that stop me in my thinking and I go "wow, I never knew that".  And something about learning a neat cool random fact about something kinda gives me tingles.  Honestly, when I learn something cool it thrills me, if my computer is in front of me I have to blog it right away but usually I just have to make myself remember it by the end of the day.. lol.  Then there are nights where I sit in front of my computer pondering the day, thinking come on I had to have learned something today.  Some days I'm bummed about what I've come up with and I'm dissappointed when I close my computer for the night.  However being able to sit down and look back through my day and think about things I've learned has been theraputic and enlightening for me.
So, to answer the question "where did I get that one from", in particular, the "oh bla di, oh bla da" I learned on Jeopardy last night.  It was the final question, the category was Beatles Songs and to be honest I didn't know that the Beatles even sang that song and I probably should have included that in the lesson.  But my sister-in-law got it before me and I looked at her and was  like "wow, I never knew that".  I've been singing that song ever since the show "Life Goes On"...  remember Corky everyone?????  Anyway, then the little light bulb goes on about my head...  ah hah!! Grab my computer, blog it down.

The other one I was asked about recently was the Alexander Graham Bell Ahoy one...  I was watching Glee and the instructor told that to his class.  Once again I said..... guess what......  "wow, I never knew that"... lol.  And folks that usually how it goes... I hope you all enjoy the facts as much as I do.  Maybe every now and then I'll include where/how exactly I pick things up.  Just another note though, I never go looking for info.  Sometimes I look stuff up just because I'm curious about definitions of words for example but usually its completely pure and authentic.  I challenge you to look for something new you learn today, I think it will change how you view your day.  Alright peeps, that all for now.  Wish me luck today!!  Peace

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today I learned...

... that "oh bla di, oh bla da" actually means "life goes on".  Did you know that?  I sure didn't.
... that switching my weigh-in day has completely thrown me off.  I thought I had another day, not until I filled in my journal after supper I realized I'm weighing in tomorrow. Yikes, I'm a little freaked out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I learned...

... that Alexander Graham Bell liked to say Ahoy when answering the phone but it was Edison who thought Hello would be a more appropriate greeting.  (Glee.. lol)
... that I don't just have allegies, its a full on head cold!
... a new low 156.6 woohoo!
... that you just. never. know. what stories lie behind the profile pics in bloggerville.  I learned today that one particular blogger is a true survivor of her upbringing.  I feel humbled and proud to "know" her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a big 'ol sicky

I'm feeling so sick you guys.. ugh.  I don't know if its allergies or a cold but I feel like total crap.  I have a sore throat and so much pressure on my face & head its hurts to sit up.. lol.  I actually spent the day working with my dad at his landscaping business. I shoveled 3 truck loads of mulch and about halfway through I wanted to collapse, but I wasn't going to complain so I didn't tell my father I wasn't feeling good till after we were home and I was in my jammies.  He told me that mulch is really really bad for allergies and sinuses... GO FIGURE.  Now I'm just wiped, but I must have burned a ton of extra calories.. yay!

Anyway, I did try something new today ~ tofu.  Yes, as many of you know I'm always the last person to try anything or "discover" anything.  I love trying new things, especially new foods, but I have to say I was sorta nervous.  I put a spin on a recipe from Alicia Silverstones book which is basically an "egg salad sandwich" with tofu instead.. I have to say, its pretty tasteless but I added yummy things like Veganaise, mustard, dill pickles, celery, s&p...  I thought the "taste" & consistency was alot like egg whites.  I had no problem convincing myself it was an "egg salad" sandwich.  As I was preparing my sandwich I was telling my mom what I was making and she threw her hands up and said "geez now whats wrong with eggs:"... lol  I think I'm unintentionally making her feel guilty about eating meat & dairy...  I just told her that from a "vegan/animal rights activists" point of view alot of the chickens laying the eggs are mistreated, but in actuality chicken's lay eggs without a rooster so they're never going to be baby chicks unless they're fertilized.  However, from a diet standpoint (which is my standpoint) eggs are just high in cholesterol and quite frankly I'm just trying some new foods and recipes.  I'll still eat eggs in this life, since they're in everything..

So since we're on the topic of food and before this posts gets too long I wanted to show you some of the new foods I've been trying lately and loving...  so without further adue



Omg so sorry about the poor quality of this one.  I have not tried these chicken strips yet, they are going in a casserole for supper tonight.. excited!

This soy ice cream is not bad, but its not as good as ice cream (or even frozen yogurt) but its still pretty good, and very chocolately.
and since I had it out and I'm not feeling so hot ~ I dished myself up a bowl.

So, I'm going horizontal once again peeps.

Peace xo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I learned...

... about working for my father's landscaping business.  I'm sore but I burned a ton of calories.
... about 1 cent stamps.  Don't ask, but I had to have 3 people explain the concept to me... lol.
... that there are actual "running stores" specific to runners that will let you test out running shoes!  I've never seen one of these but I'll be on the lookout for one.  Also, that cotton is not a good fiber for runners. I learned this all from Kat @ .   She's so smart ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today I learned...

... that my niece is brilliant!
... that they put Ipod pockets in hockey pants.  Why?
... that I much prefer a Saturday cheat day to Friday.

Today I learned... (Apr 10)

... that Silk is really good in White Russians.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I learned...

... that I have 7.8lbs to goal.
... that 2 of my dear friends had babies.  A baby girl Tiani, and a baby boy Max.  Can't wait to meet them both.
... that my sister-in-law and niece are coming to visit tomorrow.  I'm so excited to see them!!!!!
... that veggie pizza pepperoni is delish.

Me time

So today I rejoined ww.  I explained my situation to the girl when I went in but I still had to start over with a starting weight, new 10% (which is twice as much as I need to lose) and had to pay registration fee.  I did refuse the week 1 book though, I told the girl I had stacks of these at home.  The leader that set me up the first time I joined last August is gone to Florida for 2 months so I was just like any other new arrival.  Oh well, I guess.  I was hoping to save the $25 but not the end of the world.  I'll be honest the one thing I have my heart set on it getting my 50lb charm!! I'm going to have to talk to them when I approach and tell them it means a lot to me whether they have me just joining now or not!   Oh and yeah I forgot to say, I weighed in at the exact same weight as last time I weigh 157.8, I was thrilled!!  Going off ww for a few weeks is scary, I never know what damage will be done.  I also have to admit, I ate a donut after my weigh in and felt sick before I even finished it.. I'm not really surprised.  My dad walks in and goes "well you're eating a donut you must have had a good weigh in.." lol.  I love my dad. 
Oh, so something else completely rad happened at my weigh in, I set my goal weight!!!  150!  Now I know I've had my mind set on 147 but when I told the girl this she's like "well I say why pay when you don't have to."  My highest range is 150, and she like you can be 2 above or below... and you just have to maintain that for 6 weeks.  That sounded pretty logical to me.  I'm not exactly sure what happens after that, if I can then decide to be below 148 or do I have to re-do maintanance.  I have no idea, I do feel like I could lose another 10lbs but right now I only have to lose 7.8.  Wow that is crazy you guys.. I could cry.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M ONLY 8 LBS OVERWEIGHT.. I'm so used to having so much weight on me..  its surreal. 
Here's a pic of my goal form...  (I messed up my initials and those sort of little things erk me bad)

Well, I've got the house to myself today, don't know what to do.  Its cold and yet bf & dad are golfing.  Its a much different experience having the house to yourself when you live in a house of 6 instead of 2... so I'm going to really enjoy this..  Maybe have control of the remote for a change.. lol 
Hope you all have a fab weekend...  Cheers

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today I learned...

... that sunshine makes me want to run.  Its like it flips a switch in me.
... that Gardien Tucan Chik'n "breasts" are not bad, but I'd like to try the original.
... that tofu is cheap.  I bought a pack for 1.62.  Nice.

I'm so dull I can't even come up with a name for this post

Hey folks, so I feel like I'm a little detached this week and can't quite seem to get my bearings.  I keep meaning to blog and find myself with nothing to say.  Today, I just figured I'd start blogging and see where it takes me.  I'm back on track and feeling great!  I've been running everyday and eating really good.  I rejoin WW tomorrow and I feel good about it.  I'll probably be around what I was the last time I weighed and that is good enough for me.  I've decided to switch my weigh-in day to Friday instead of Saturday, its the meeting I used to go to before I was in the states but mainly because Friday in my household is pizza night... has been a tradition for years... so what can I say, I can't miss it. So, weigh in friday morning, indulge in pizza (and maybe beer) friday night.  It worked for me last summer.. lol. 
I went to a different grocery store than I usually do in my town and they have such an awesome health food section!! omg!  They had everything I have been reading about and dying to try, I had to hold back on some stuff though because it was getting expensive but I can't wait to start exploring tons of new foods. 

I'm learning that the more I talk about what I'm eating, or not eating, the more people scrutinize and watch what I eat.  I was talking about this burger joint that is so deadly in the states and I got this response "I thought you didn't eat meat" ugh I hate that.  I have said right from the beginning, yes I'm making some food alternatives but I reserve the right to eat a damn burger if the mood should strike... lol  Anyway, so now I just tell people I'm trying some different alternatives and new food options..  and btw might I add.. . LOVING everything I'm trying.  Except maybe Kale, I really blew that one.. but it does deserve another go I think.  I actually can't find Morning Star products up here which I find odd... so I tried another kind and I liked it just as much.  Well, I feel like this is kind of a boring post so far.  I promise that I will be struck with something so enlightening soon and just have to share it with you all.  Until I get my head on straight I'm just dull dull dull.  Still reading all your fab blogs though and you all continue to inspire me....  my rockstars xoxo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today I learned...

... that Jalapeno's are named after the town Jalapa, Mexico.
... that Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy broke up.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today I learned...

... that the smell of lime reduces stress & anxiety.
... that kale & apple cider vinegar do not go well together.  Actually, all together, my first attempt at cooking kale was a complete failure.  Oh well, learn from my mistakes.
... that rinsing diced raw onions removes a lot of their pungency.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I learned...

... that its never as bad as I think when I face the music.  The scale said 159.0 this morning, I just can't believe I managed to stay under 160..  Oh what a relief.
... that I cannot resist any dessert my grandmother makes... ugh.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This week I learned

I'm baaaaaaack....... and little hungover.  So, we arrived home on Friday night and it feels so good to be home, 2 straight days in a U-haul just plain sucks.  We made really good time though I have to say, I was impressed.  I snacked and snacked and snacked the whole way... fug.  My parents don't arrive home till next wednesday so its not the same here without them.  Went to a bbq/party last night at my cousins which turned into a large party and I indulged... one again..  Why do I do this to myself?  lol.  It was amazing seeing everyone though and so many people commented on how much weight I've lost and how good I look. Ahhhh I love my peeps.  It was truely the best feeling in the world, not to mention how happy I am to be back in CANADA!! Woohoooo. 
So, I intended to write a lesson learned for each day and I know I had some good ones but I've forgotten them..  I should have wrote them down but things are just too disorganized in my life right now. 
However here are a few things I've learned in the last few days ~
... that my boyfriend is a trooper, he drove the whole way and didn't complain once...  unless he just needed to stretch. 
... that Veganaise is better than reg mayo...  I shit you not.
... that I really really missed my blog and blog peeps.
... that grocery shopping a day before Easter is a huge mistake. 
... that Lentil & Bean patties are delish!!!  I have to say every meat alternative I have tried I love more than the meat alternative.  Wow.
I know there's more but my head hurts to much to think right now.
The weather is absolutely gor-jess here this weekend and I went for a beautiful run on my favorite trail along the river, it felt so good to be running back in nature.  Soon I'll start pushing myself further and explore some new trails.. can't wait.  Oh and my grandmother told me that there was a coyote spotted on my trail so be careful.... wth?!?!?! 
I am rejoining WW this friday.. yikes..  I've been trying to get back on plan this week but I haven't weighed myself in a week and I'm scared to death.  Hopefully it won't be too bad but I'll let you know the damage once I can face it.  Alright now I'm going to watch Jamie Oliver's (aka my boyfriend) Food Revolution..  I have it recorded and I'm excited.    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I intend to spend some time tonight catching up on all of your blogs.  So I'll see you then.. lol.  Good to be back!!!