Friday, April 9, 2010

Me time

So today I rejoined ww.  I explained my situation to the girl when I went in but I still had to start over with a starting weight, new 10% (which is twice as much as I need to lose) and had to pay registration fee.  I did refuse the week 1 book though, I told the girl I had stacks of these at home.  The leader that set me up the first time I joined last August is gone to Florida for 2 months so I was just like any other new arrival.  Oh well, I guess.  I was hoping to save the $25 but not the end of the world.  I'll be honest the one thing I have my heart set on it getting my 50lb charm!! I'm going to have to talk to them when I approach and tell them it means a lot to me whether they have me just joining now or not!   Oh and yeah I forgot to say, I weighed in at the exact same weight as last time I weigh 157.8, I was thrilled!!  Going off ww for a few weeks is scary, I never know what damage will be done.  I also have to admit, I ate a donut after my weigh in and felt sick before I even finished it.. I'm not really surprised.  My dad walks in and goes "well you're eating a donut you must have had a good weigh in.." lol.  I love my dad. 
Oh, so something else completely rad happened at my weigh in, I set my goal weight!!!  150!  Now I know I've had my mind set on 147 but when I told the girl this she's like "well I say why pay when you don't have to."  My highest range is 150, and she like you can be 2 above or below... and you just have to maintain that for 6 weeks.  That sounded pretty logical to me.  I'm not exactly sure what happens after that, if I can then decide to be below 148 or do I have to re-do maintanance.  I have no idea, I do feel like I could lose another 10lbs but right now I only have to lose 7.8.  Wow that is crazy you guys.. I could cry.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M ONLY 8 LBS OVERWEIGHT.. I'm so used to having so much weight on me..  its surreal. 
Here's a pic of my goal form...  (I messed up my initials and those sort of little things erk me bad)

Well, I've got the house to myself today, don't know what to do.  Its cold and yet bf & dad are golfing.  Its a much different experience having the house to yourself when you live in a house of 6 instead of 2... so I'm going to really enjoy this..  Maybe have control of the remote for a change.. lol 
Hope you all have a fab weekend...  Cheers


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Wow, Keri, less than eight! Your leader gave you good financial advice on choosing the upper limit. They can't make you maintain at that level, if you want to go lower. After the six weeks of maintenance, as long as you're not above 152, no pay. At least, that's how it used to work.

Keep up the good work and keep learning!

Jess said...

Wow! So happy for you!

Diz said...

I've been wondering about the maintenance as well, so glad that Genie gave us the update. YESSS, way to go! You're closer to goal than I am (or we're about the same if my weigh in goes well tomorrow) wooo hooo!!! feels so good, huh. :)

The Monkey and Me said...

That's amazing! So close to your goal - you can do it!