Friday, April 23, 2010

I tried

Well, I'm back from WW and I'm up 0.8.  Oh well, I tried to undo the damage from the weekend but just didn't have enough time.  Sometimes when you spend 3 days eating whatever you want, 4 days isn't enough time to recover.  This just means a big loss next week, I get it.  I have to say though, no matter how hard I try to stay positive a gain is always such a total BUMMER! humph.  I think what bothers me really is yesterday I was 0.6 away from having it off and so yesterday I ran, worked hard with my dad, ate really well and I was up 0.4 on my home scale this morning.  Theres the gain when you expect it and deserve it but then theres the gain when you feel like you didn't deserve it and that, for me, is a little harder to swallow.  But again, I know that I do deserve it in the end.  On my way home from my meeting I asked myself inside my head "was it worth it?" and guess what... the answer was YES.  It actually was and I can't get around that, so it was only .8 in the end.  The 4 days of working hard was worth getting as much off as I could so that it was not a 4, 3 or 2 lb gain. 

Oh and another thing with me lately I'm sooooo clutsy.  I don't know if thats a sign of anything but I am dropping things and knocking things over like nobody's business.  As if I wasn't feeling bad enough, after my weigh in I went and got myself an extra large coffee from Tim Hortons, getting out of my car, I dropped it and every last bit of it spilled into my driveway, hadn't even cracked it yet!!  I literally just shook my head and picked up the cup and lid, I'm not even phased by it anymore cause its just become the story of my life, but I did mourn my coffee a little bit. 

Anyway, so I'm trying not to feel sad, the sun is shining and I'm ready to start the weekend.  Love ya all, and hope you all have a fab weekend!!


TJ said...

It all evens out- that .8 will be gone soon! :) I have the same clumsy hands- dropped a cup of coffee a few weeks back right when I left the coffee shop. :( Oh well! lol

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

Keri, thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. you are a dear friend who i appreciate so much!!

sorry about the coffee, but it sounds like you handled it the best way possible. that's a win.
it's the story of my life, too. i get so mad ay myself for the stuff i drop/break! i think, how can i be so careless!?

we're only human, dear. <3

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

The best part is that you knew to stop when the weekend was over, and you got right back on the WW horse. Many tales out there of those that couldn't say "when", and I don't mean from our dear blogger friends.

Next week's result will be awesome, so hang on to your stuff--mentally and physically--and have a great weekend!