Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm so dull I can't even come up with a name for this post

Hey folks, so I feel like I'm a little detached this week and can't quite seem to get my bearings.  I keep meaning to blog and find myself with nothing to say.  Today, I just figured I'd start blogging and see where it takes me.  I'm back on track and feeling great!  I've been running everyday and eating really good.  I rejoin WW tomorrow and I feel good about it.  I'll probably be around what I was the last time I weighed and that is good enough for me.  I've decided to switch my weigh-in day to Friday instead of Saturday, its the meeting I used to go to before I was in the states but mainly because Friday in my household is pizza night... has been a tradition for years... so what can I say, I can't miss it. So, weigh in friday morning, indulge in pizza (and maybe beer) friday night.  It worked for me last summer.. lol. 
I went to a different grocery store than I usually do in my town and they have such an awesome health food section!! omg!  They had everything I have been reading about and dying to try, I had to hold back on some stuff though because it was getting expensive but I can't wait to start exploring tons of new foods. 

I'm learning that the more I talk about what I'm eating, or not eating, the more people scrutinize and watch what I eat.  I was talking about this burger joint that is so deadly in the states and I got this response "I thought you didn't eat meat" ugh I hate that.  I have said right from the beginning, yes I'm making some food alternatives but I reserve the right to eat a damn burger if the mood should strike... lol  Anyway, so now I just tell people I'm trying some different alternatives and new food options..  and btw might I add.. . LOVING everything I'm trying.  Except maybe Kale, I really blew that one.. but it does deserve another go I think.  I actually can't find Morning Star products up here which I find odd... so I tried another kind and I liked it just as much.  Well, I feel like this is kind of a boring post so far.  I promise that I will be struck with something so enlightening soon and just have to share it with you all.  Until I get my head on straight I'm just dull dull dull.  Still reading all your fab blogs though and you all continue to inspire me....  my rockstars xoxo


Diz said...

Sounds like things are going good- you're running, getting your bearings (found a good health food store), set up your routine of weigh ins on Friday mornings (which I think is awesome btw...I'm jealous of pizza night). Things sound good!

I might have to implement Pizza night here. Just sounds too good to pass up. :)


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

so glad you are on track, Keri! i will always admire your ability to balanace eating well but then taking a break for something like pizza night. i wish you could bottle that outlook up and sell it to me!
i always wonder if i should announce to the world that i'm on changing my eating or not tell people because of what you just talked about here!! i know can be a paranoid person, but people can be SUCH haters! but don't let that get you down, and i know you won't! ;D stay strong!