Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow, I never knew that!

Its early in the morning (I can't sleep in any more), I'm sitting here alone just waiting to go to WW.  I think I'm down so I feel pretty good about it.  I was reading some of my comments and I noticed that sometimes people are interested in where exactly I learn things.  I have to say that ever since I began this journey, and put myself in a position where I look for something new I've learned every day, it has opened my eyes to lessons learned and just interesting facts that stop me in my thinking and I go "wow, I never knew that".  And something about learning a neat cool random fact about something kinda gives me tingles.  Honestly, when I learn something cool it thrills me, if my computer is in front of me I have to blog it right away but usually I just have to make myself remember it by the end of the day.. lol.  Then there are nights where I sit in front of my computer pondering the day, thinking come on I had to have learned something today.  Some days I'm bummed about what I've come up with and I'm dissappointed when I close my computer for the night.  However being able to sit down and look back through my day and think about things I've learned has been theraputic and enlightening for me.
So, to answer the question "where did I get that one from", in particular, the "oh bla di, oh bla da" I learned on Jeopardy last night.  It was the final question, the category was Beatles Songs and to be honest I didn't know that the Beatles even sang that song and I probably should have included that in the lesson.  But my sister-in-law got it before me and I looked at her and was  like "wow, I never knew that".  I've been singing that song ever since the show "Life Goes On"...  remember Corky everyone?????  Anyway, then the little light bulb goes on about my head...  ah hah!! Grab my computer, blog it down.

The other one I was asked about recently was the Alexander Graham Bell Ahoy one...  I was watching Glee and the instructor told that to his class.  Once again I said..... guess what......  "wow, I never knew that"... lol.  And folks that usually how it goes... I hope you all enjoy the facts as much as I do.  Maybe every now and then I'll include where/how exactly I pick things up.  Just another note though, I never go looking for info.  Sometimes I look stuff up just because I'm curious about definitions of words for example but usually its completely pure and authentic.  I challenge you to look for something new you learn today, I think it will change how you view your day.  Alright peeps, that all for now.  Wish me luck today!!  Peace