Monday, April 19, 2010

The best and worst of a 3 day weekend

I have had the worst 3 days of eating in a very very long time.  It started friday after my weigh-in.  I had a donut, then fast food (I hate to even say what) then pizza and beer that night.  Normally that would not be bad but let me tell you that was just the beginning.  Saturday night was my sister-in-law-to-be's bachelorette party.  I tried to start my day off good because I knew that the evening was going to be a write off.  I had to drive to the city for it and I went up with my cousin.  We also had to do some visiting before hand, my best friend had a baby so I went to see her and my other cousin just had a baby as well so we went to see them too.  Two 2 week old babies in a matter of hours, I was in total heaven.  By the time we were ready to head to the bach party we were totally ravenous.  We went to McDonalds, I hate to even admit it.  It was so good but I regreted it right away.  Then the night of debauchery began, there was so much food there that half of it didn't even get put out.  So many drinks, so many shots, dips, chips, cake... oh my.  Sunday started off terrible too..  oh course.  The party was at my sister in laws so 5 of us crashed there, including the bride to be (who was not feeling too hot the next morning to put it mildly) so instead of starting the day with a healthy balanced breakfast we dug out all the leftovers dips and cakes and gorged all over again! Ugh!  and theeeennn, sunday I went home and after eating a footlong sub, spent the rest of the day sleeping (thankfully not eating) then in the evening my sister in law (to be) arrived home (yeah we all live with my parents) and with her she brought... (haha oh god) the cake that was shaped like a p*nis...  ummm well what was left of it.. ahahhaha.  It was sitting on the counter when I came downstairs and first I thought omg how did that thing get here and then I thought hmm I just take a little sliver..  oh man it was so moist and chocolately and delish... ugh.. I feel weird just writing that.. lol but I can't help it.  I went back upstairs to watch tv in bed and all I could think about what that cake.  Well, I did it again, I snuck downstairs and took another sliver and the second was better than the first.  Thankfully the cake was gone when I got up this morning, I never wanted to see it again.  However, I got on the scale this morning and I'm up 4 lbs.  I hate myself right now.  I know it reflects every bad decision I made but to be honest I didn't need the scale to make me aware of the damage I'd done.  My always reassuring supportive boyfriend told me I'll be fine, I'll get it back off by the end of the week, even if not all of it I'll have a really good loss the next week.  I really love that boy.  Anyway, I just had to confess this all right here this morning..  bad 3 day weekend you guys but fun fun fun.  I ate some meat & dairy and my whole body HATES me for it!  But its working on forgiving me...  I just have to forgive myself.   Peace xo


TJ said...

Today is a NEW day...a fresh start! I was cracking up at your cake description- "oh man it was so moist and chocolately and delish" interesting for the shape of the cake. lol :)

Glad you had a fun weekend- movin on! :)

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

OK, so you learned a weekend like that has many challenges. You will be fine; that lovable boy is right.

You do make a good case for that cake....