Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm back from WW and I lost 0.2.  Its the same old story, a loss is a loss.  I was happy I lost although I can always manage to make myself feel like it wasn't enough.  I always have the feeling of wanting to turn around and leave the meeting when I have a gain or a small loss but I never do...  I always always always stay for the meetings.  I feel like its the most important thing to do in that moment.  It starts my week out the right way and quite frankly I have known many people who never stayed for meetings and they don't do as well.  I truly believe there's something to it.  But anyways, sometimes (like today) I feel like I'm staying against my own will and today I sat there and went over in my mind how irresponsible I was this week.  Forget about the not running or exercising...  I always ate that extra cookie, I ate some meat, some cheese, hardly measured anthing and didn't track the end of most of my days....  it was just like I didn't care this week at all.  I never act this way.... I deserved to only lose 0.2 this week... even after gaining 0.8 last week.  So, as the meeting went on I started to feel a little more motivated, and I decided I was going to list what I WAS going to do this week & this month.

I will RUN. 
I will stay within my points
I'm not going to have a sip of alcohol this weekend.  I don't drink during the week anyway so it goes without saying.
I'm going to eat lots of veggies!!  I've been so slacking on this lately, and it makes me feel guilty.
I am going to count every little thing that goes into my mouth.
I'm going to try some new recipes, cause honestly I'm bored.
I'm going to get back to basics.  Today my leader talked about how gung ho we are when we first get started ~ I want that feeling back again.
water water water.
No meat!! 
I will get these last 5 lbs off...  Stop making excuses and just do it already.  Its too late in the game to start sabotaging myself now...  get a grip, get up and stay up!!  ooooh baby I'm channeling my inner Jillian!!

I really need to do this, I feel awful when I'm not motivated.  I really do think the weather has a major negative affect on my mood.... and guess what?  Its raining again today,  if this ever ends I swear I will run!! lol  I will I will I will....  I need it, my body needs it, my mind, heart and soul needs to run.   

Peace xo


The Monkey and Me said...

It must be going around - I feel your pain. I too am discouraged. We need to keep going, be thankful and proud of what we've done so far - and realize that this is a never ending journey. But damn I just want to see some freaking progress myself - I know just how you feel.
I have some recipes I can send you.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

just look at how far you've come. down to the last five pounds? that alone is an achievement!

i am proud of you for choosing NOT to downplay this recent loss. saying it's not good enough is the easy way out. you're so right: a loss is a loss, no matter how small. keep on!

TJ said...

Heres to a GREAT week! :)

Diz said...

Oh we are so in the same boat. :) Of course, I'm probably back up to 10 pounds instead of 5, but it's ok. We can do this! YOU CAN DO THIS- so let's do it. I was eating a burrito the other day from Del Taco and thought to myself- Jillian would be so disappointed in me. HAHAHAHA! Isn't that crazy? (I say this because you said you were channeling your inner Jillian). She doesn't even know me! I don't know why I thought it, but I did. :) Let's rally the troops and do this!!! xoxoxoxo