Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just want to start off by saying I just watched one of the worst movies I ever saw - Rachel Getting Married.  LOL ok, but it brings me to my rant.  I was so bored I started staring over at my closet and something occured to me.  I noticed that at the end of my closet is a collection of clothes that got pushed to the end because I don't wear them anymore...... the fat clothes, we all got 'em.  So here's my dilemma, I go back and forth over what to do with fat clothes.  Since I'm a regainer, a former thin chick, sometimes I think back to all the clothes I gave away that first time I lost a pile and when I regained I thought I wish I never gave that shirt away, or skirt... etc.  They say get rid of the big clothes and I do totally agree with this.  You have to go in swearing you'll never put it back on... just have to.  Anyway, I also want to say that I LOATHED when people would give me their fat clothes.  Hate hate hate it, I hated being over weight, I was dillusional about it and that anyway saw me this way.  When people would hand me their jeans that are too big for them, it felt like "hey I thought of all the people in my life that are much bigger than me and your name was on the top of the list".  Now, I know this would never be the intention of anyone to make me feel this way, but hey when you're overweight you're sensitive about it.  However, now I'm in the position of having a bunch of clothes I'll never wear again and some really nice stuff that I hate don't fit me anymore (i'm not complaining!!).  It would love to pass on the nice clothes to someone I love but I don't have it in me to say "this doesn't fit me anymore, yay for me, but hey you're still fat, want it?".  Obviously that would never come out of my mouth, but fat clothes really are a dilemma for me.  I know I'll just end up giving them to good-will because I don't have the heart to make someone else feel the way I did.  Ok rant over.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

i, too, have been the "victim" of the double-edged "here, have my fat clothes."
just because i can fit into your huge, neon poplin sweater, aunt judy, does NOT mean that i want it!

one time -i'll never forget- i commented on the skirt of a colleague's secretary. i didn't really like it, but i felt obliged to be nice and didn't know what else to say. she said, "you can have it if you want. it's falling off me." *wow, thanks.*

Diz said...

Hahahaha! I LOL'd at this post. Unfortch for me, all my friends are way smaller than me, so this has not happened to me. I don't know if I'm happy or sick about it, now that I think about it (happy it hasn't happened to me, or sick that all my friends are so much smaller). Either way, I say give them to Goodwill. I have a few fat clothes, but I'm too scared to get rid of them quite yet. Still too know? Let us know what you end up doing with them!