Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did anyone watch Celebrity Fit Club last night?

Ok, I've only ever watched this show a few times and I never liked it even a 10th of how much I love Biggest Loser so I refused to watch it, and quite frankly I HATE when shows have so-called celebrities and I haven't heard of half of them.  Anyway, I digress, but since K-Fed & B Brown were on it I thought I'd check it out for curiousity sake.  Really not bad.   So, they weigh in at the end of the show and I knew that Nicole Eggert had put on some weight because she's been in the tabloids a bit and I'll be honest, it looks like she's carrying around an extra 30-40 lbs from her Baywatch days... and if you were on Baywatch you're sort of held to a certain standard.  Now let me just say this, by my standards I think she looks fabulous, the extra weight looks good on her and whatever.. ya know?  So she steps on the scale and I literally said to my boyfriend "mmm I'd say 165-170"  and then my jaw dropped open...   wait for it..........  130lbs!!!!  Did you see it???  Omg.. ok so that brings me back to something I was just talking about a few days ago.  I sat there with my mouth gaped open I couldn't believe it.  The doctor on the show said, "you know most people would even wonder why you're here"... she said that she's used to being 99lbs..  (which is completely insane in itself).  But its just proves two points 1). You really can't tell how much a person weighs by looking at them, people all carry it different and someones else's 125 might be my 150, you just can't tell and you can NEVER judge your weight & appearance by what someone else looks like.  and 2).  I cannot say this enough, if you're used to being a certain weight and you're carrying an extra 20lbs -30lb pounds around (even 10) YOU FEEEEEEL IT.   You feel it everywhere, every minute of every day...  in the mirror, in the shower, in your jeans, in the arms of someone else..    Am I right ladies, or am I right?