Thursday, July 15, 2010

The offer & what I wore

So you may have heard that I got the job.  Yes, THE job, my dream job.  The job I've been talking about for months now.  I've been visualizing working there since the day I applied, I willed it into reality.  I really believe that.  Something in my heart just told me I would work there.  Even though I made myself crazy I guess everything worth getting is worth stressing over... hehe.  Anyway, this is what I wore....

I took it the day before so I'm sans jewelry and hair & makeup.  I figured since I did take the picture I wouldn't let it go to waste.  Anyhoo, so the guy told me that it would be weeks but something in me told me that was bullshit.. I think he just wanted to see my reaction.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning my new apartment, getting some running around down and making calls to get everything set up and moving in the rain as well.  It was rainy and humid and sticky all day, I was a mess, I was in rags, my hair was frizzed out to no end and as I'm finally callling it a day heading back to my parents house my cell rings and its my new boss asking me to come by because he has an offer for me.  Panic & excitement sent me into a tizzy.  I pulled my elastic right out of my hair and franticly tried to whip it into something presentable (as I'm driving).  I ran home changed as fast as I could and was sitting in his office 20 mins later. 

So, the offer was amazing, they are going to pay me more than what I asked for (by $3000 annually).  I'm so blessed and so excited its surreal.  My boyfriend took me out to dinner and we celebrated with a bunch of the yummiest fattiest appetizers I think I've ever had (and um.. 2 celebratory 

So, I am planning to go to WW tomorrow but there will no surprises when I'm up... maybe even a couple pounds.. but I don't care.  There's too much going on and I'm too happy to let anything spoil my mood at this point.  So, thats that.... oh and I start Monday.  He told me that I could start the 26th but I'm like hell lets do this!! 

Big Brother night....  sweeeet..   Peace ladies xoxoxoxoxo


TJ said...

Congrats on the job!!! whoohoo! By the way I loved your outfit- you look great! :)

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

You look amazing! Great legs!!

When it's right, it's right! So, did you quit your other job today? How did that go?

Really happy for you, Keri! Congratuations, again!

dawne said...

Your outfit is smokin!

Diz said...

You're looking so slim and trim! I love it! Such a cute outfit!!! xoxo