Monday, May 10, 2010

The Watch

So, as I've mentioned several times my Garmin FR60 watch arrived a day before my birthday.  I love it!  Its so amazing what this thing can do.  The watch itself is really sleek, I got it in black because it was either that or Lilac and I don't love purple.  The didn't have it in red... boooo.  So, what it comes with is a foot pod, heart monitor strap and ANT stick.  It was really easy to set up, you just enter all your stats and much unlike a pedometer you don't need to measure you steps and enter that info and its never is the same for running and walking and its just inaccurate and a pain in the ass.  The footpod goes on your laces and its completely accurate all you do is run.  Also, there is a strap that you wrap around you under your bra line and it measures your heart rate, you can wear this during activities but you don't need to use it for running, the footpod will track your calories based on speed & distance.  Its really awesome too and surprisingly comfortable, you really don't feel it.  My bf was turned off by this, he's like theres no way wearing a strap around your chest would be comfortable.  I'm like, hon, woman have to wear something strapped around them everyday... haha. believe me you get used to it.  He ended it by saying, I don't know how you guys where those things. 

Anway, back to the watch.  So, my favorite part of it, besides the watch itself, is the ant stick.  As soon as your watch is in range of it, it automatically trasmits your info to it.  Then you plug it in to your computer and it downloads your session to a really cool program that you can keep track of it all.  It even tells you all your stats, its shows me on a chart when I was walking or jogging slowly or jogging..  I am so addicted to this new gadget.  I've actually created spread sheets before that I could track my exercise mins and calories but it was always guestimation, this is so accurate and effortless..  I'm in love!  It has gotten me my running mojo back and has made it fun again.  I'm going to start running new paths and seeing how I can push myself and it will be so fun. 

I also did some birthday shopping, its all about giving money in this family and I feel like I really need to buy myself new stuff cause thats the point right.  I know I have bills to pay but it just doesn't seem right spending bday money on that.  I bought lots of shirts, tons of new tops which i was in need of and I bought a new pair of running capris for the summer and a summer running top.  I'm anxious to wear them so it needs to get hot fast!  Do you ever find that when you go looking for something specific (clothes wise) its the one thing you can't find?  I have it in my head that I want a hooded vest that zips up in the front and the pockets zip.  Does that seem like too much to ask?  It seems pretty simple to me.  Well, I don't live in a big city but we do have lots of shopping and a mall and I went EVERYWHERE, 2 sports stores, and I can't find anything similar to that.  Lots of that style with longs sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and short sleeves, NO VESTS and I found 1 vest with no hood and the pockets were just open.  I was ready to let go of the hood but I need the pockets to zip when I'm running.  Well, anyway that was kind of a rant... but honestly, I just have it in my head and I won't stop till I find one.. lol. 

So, I know that Garmin doesn't need my promotion but if they did here it is.  I recommend any runners getting this watch.  I know that Nike has something on the apps or iphone or ipod or whatever it is and lots of runners use that but I'm not a i-anything kind of person.  I actually am not gadgety at all, this is a stretch for me but I'm so loving it, it may convert me to love new gadgets.   Alright, thats enough for me for now.  Peace and love, peace and love.


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

I admire you for your running mojo!

Happy to hear that you're helping the economy by buying new clothes. You would think that a vest like that could be found. Might be a business opp.....

Wearing a short-sleeved T with the vest would be cute! Now you've got me thinking about it.