Thursday, May 6, 2010

to be continued

So, I only have a few minutes for a quick post but I'm feeling like I need to get it out.  I'm really struggling with these last 5 lbs you guys.  I don't know whats wrong with me and its not that I'm doing everything right and it won't come off its that I'm starting to do all the wrong things and I feel like I'm failing myself and thats ten times worse.  Most of the days go alright, but I def find myself eating a bit more during the day and leaving less for supper.  Then supper goes ok but by the night time I am ravenous..  every. single. night.  and when I say that, of course I'm lying, I'm not ravenous I'm just raiding the fridge..  wanting all bad things and I cannot control it.  Its hard living with my parents because I can't control the food.. and sometimes they have all the things I want but don't need.  Crackers & cheese was last nights binge of choice.  Anyway, this will continue later because I really have to go.  and ps- working with my Dad leaves me so exhausted and sore by the end of the day I can't run....  ok again more on that later, just needed a quick vent. .   to be continued.


The Monkey and Me said...

working with your Dad may be the workout that's making you so tired and hungry. You may need more protein to build the new muscles that you are building doing that work. I'll bet when you get your Garmin - you will see. Use it when you work and see how many calories you are burning - are you eating activity points? Are you counting your work as activity? You might want to do that. Maybe your body is telling you you are not eating enough - and or not enough of the right things. will give you your nutritional breakdown - try it a couple days and you may see a trend - and figure out where you are lacking. And vitamins! I got some of those FRS chews at a Wawa store and I loved them. It really gave me a boost.

TJ said...

I have about 20 more and I keep losing the same 2-4 pounds over and over again. I think if I was only playing with 5 I might just let myself off the hook- definitely don't stress over it, it will happen with a little focus. :)