Monday, May 24, 2010


I was thinking about something that I learned at Weight Watchers on Friday that I should have listed as something learned that day but of course I forgot as I usually do (I have to start carrying a little notebook with me).  Anyway, the topic was breakfast and the leader that was subbing said that they had training courses over the weekend and were informed that eating breakfast in the morning does not speed up your metabolism, in fact it has no affect on it at all *drop jaw*.  What??  How can this be?  I thought that was exactly what it does?  Haven't they proved this already?  Hasn't the research been done?  I don't understand how they can come to this conclusion after they've already come to a previous conclusion!!!  Anyway, I digress.  She said that its a myth.  Apparently, exercise speeds up metabolism...  HA no shit.  Now, if you'd like to argue this point, by all means.  I'm just telling you what she told us and quite frankly all this contradicting information is enough to make someone

So, here is why breakfast still remains the most important meal of the day.  Its get you going in the morning,  and helps you build up your energy for the day.  It also prevents you from overeating later, and it helps with mental alertness for the day.  When I went looking for some literature on this subject I did find where it mentioned metabolism but only refering to our bodies going into starvation mode after so many hours (about 4) of not eating.  The last thing we want is our body holding on to food in any way it can because god forbid we're starving ourselves to death,  and then I found this quote that I like...

"Eating breakfast communicates with your body the fact that you are healthy, well fed and not in need of extra fat storage."

Who needs that right??

On another note I ran my furthest today 6.83 km (4.25 miles - *shout out to my American girls*).  Its sooooo gorgeous here today, I just got up and ran, it felt amazing!  Sweat sweat sweat.  I partied pretty good this weekend if I do say so myself and spending yesterday by the pool didn't inspired me to jog one bit.. lol.  I did get a great tan though.  Me and summer have an on and off relationship but I think right now he/she/it may be here to stay *knock on wood*.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

you never give up, and i love that about you. it's why you've gotten so far in this. keep it up! keep learning. ;)

Diz said...

Oh....I wanted to lay out so bad on Saturday but was so tired from my late night excursions on Friday night that i just crashed on my bed and never made it to the lounge chair on my patio. Dang it. I hope your tan is hot- I'm sure it is, and I'm jealous. I love that you went running, I went on Saturday after you motivated me and I think I'm back on the path. I want to go running right now but have a ton of work to do first. Sigh. Why does work always get in the way?

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Yeah, I want my breakfast to talk to my fat like that. No nonsense.

That was an awesome run! Way to go, Tan Girl!