Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where the magic happens

This is where I attend my meetings every Saturday.  I'm really going to miss it when I head back to Nova Scotia at the end of the month.  Then it will be back to the basement of the YMCA.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.  I had a really great weigh in - down 1lb.  I'm so excited because I really only expected a 0.2 loss and that was ok, I was ready to accept it and start a new week.  But 1.0... I was floored!
I said to my boyfriend on the way home, you know they say that a healthy average weightloss per week is 0.5 to 2 lbs and I fall in that range every week (with a couple acceptions) and I always have a cheat day on saturday. 

To clarify what my "cheat day" is, I always have something I wouldn't have any other day which is usually a greasy burger and onions rings from a local dive.  Also we sometimes go out and its the only day where's I'll have a few beer and typically just tend to be more lenient with my food choices.  However, I still write down everything I eat, I've usually maxed out my daily points by lunchtime and use a lot of my flex points by the end of the day, and I rarely will use any more flex points for the rest of the week.

Anyway back to my point, I asked my bf if he thinks I'd lose 'that much' more if I did not have my cheat day.  He said that he thinks that having that little bit extra to lose acts like a catalyst for losing over and above that for the week.  I agreed and thought that was a really good point.  I thought of it more of like a surge of calories to catapult me into megaburning fat boosters for the rest of the week.  I'm sure there's contradictory evidence of this and I'm sure people will have difference of opinions but I have read in some places where they say a surge of calories once a week is very good for your body.  I guess in order for me to bust through doors I need to back waaaaay up and get a good running start.  I'm sure this doesn't all look perfect on paper but it's my formula and it works for me, why change now?  Hope you're all having a super fabulous weekend.
Cheers ;)  ~ oh ps 159.8 this morning YAY!!  (not at WW of course, but still ;))) I'm really doing it!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

david zinczenko (my diet semi-guru) said in his book, "losing weight isn't about what you eat all the time, but what you eat most of the time." he advocates a cheat a week as a way to actually lose weight in the long run. then, you change your routine, and you may even burn more calories afterward. he's no doctor, but what he says makes sense. you have got a good method going, and it shows on the scale. that's proof enough for me.

i say good for you for finding what works! it sounds like your splurges are as controlled as possible.

my problem is cheating, then snowballing. but that's where the whole control and being patient and positive comes in.

congrats! you're awesome!!