Sunday, February 14, 2010

O-M-G Turkey Meatloaf for 2

Ok, so I'm on a bit of a ground turkey kick these days.  I just finished eating the most DElish turkey meatloaf.  I got if off this website so I must give props.

Alright, it was absolutely yum.  I have renamed it (you may have guessed) O-M-G Turkey Meatloaf.  That's because when I pushed my plate away I literally said "Oh - My - God" ~ heehee. 
So I cut the recipe in half to serve 2 instead of 4 and the only problem is its so good I could probably eat the whole loaf.  While it is, in fact, Valentines Day I'm eating alone...  the other half of the loaf is my other half's but boy is it tempting just sitting there now.  I just had to come on here and share this right away..  I've never made a meatloaf before with either turkey or beef and it was so easy.  I can't tell you how much I love recipes that consist of stuff I always have on hand anyway (provided I've got turkey on hand ;)  I threw it together in minutes.  It bakes for an hour but, no big deal, I threw a couple potatoes in along with it, popped a handful of corn niblits in the microwave at the last min and Voila... Supper complete! 
Also, I brushed a bit of ketchup on top of it before it went into the oven and it gives it the nicest glaze/crust on top and even though I cut the recipe in half I still used one whole egg and still came out a perfect consistency.   I hope some of you try it, or maybe have already, if so let me know what you think.


Diz said...

Do I dare attempt a loaf? I don't know...