Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Rewards

In continuation of my rewards day I bought myself a new digital kitchen scale.  I have a scale already but its not digital and, quite frankly, it was cheap-so it sucks.  When you tap it the lever bounces around so its not accurate.  I've wanted a digital scale for so long but I rarely spend my money (these days) on anything that I don't absolutely need.  However, I felt 35 lbs off was the perfect excuse to treat myself.  Here's the one I got and it was only $19.99, I think thats very decent. 

Its funny how it kinda crept up on me that I lost 35 lbs.  I have the bad habit of rounding up sometimes.  When people ask me how much I've lost and I'm 33.8 I just say 35lbs cause I feel that being too specific sounds weird.  It shouldn't I know, I should exclaim every ounce but I just go "oh about 35" and then what happens?  I actually hit 35lbs (or 20 or 25... etc)  and its anticlimactic because I've been saying "35!!!!' for weeks.. lol.  Yeah like I said, its a bad habit.  Anyway, today it just kinda hit me (I think when my leader was counting out all my 5lb stars) that I have hit quite a nice milestone.  35 pound off BABY!!!   So with this present I bought myself I'm dedicated to weighing & measuring better than ever in order to get this last 15 lbs off!!