Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine

Today I'm in a good mood, the sun is shining, its beautiful outside, I got my run in this morning and *bonus* they're not calling for snow this weekend (imagine that) so no chance of missing my meeting *knock on wood*.  Also all the painting is done!! Thank god for that.  Its been a long week.  Lets see if this smile holds out till after tomorrow's weigh in.  My weight has been dropping every morning and I've had a really good week keeping within my points.  YAY!  Also, I'm about to have some of my delicious chili, that always makes me happy. 

So, the other day when I went grocery shopping I thought I might check out some Crystal Light for a change.  Actually, water has never been a problem for me, I always have a one litre bottle on the go and on a good day I drink 3-4.  But I thought just to add some low-cal flavor to my day I'd buy some Crystal Light.  Well, I found it in the grocery store and it was over $4 for the pack.  I'm sorry that just wasn't worth it to me, I'm not stingy but I know when something is overpriced.  Anyway today I was at the Dollar General and found these ~

For a dollar...  One Dollar
Wylers Light... hahaha, works for me.
They have 10 cal per packet and no sugar.  They're really good too ~ like really good.  Now I'm not from the States so Dollar General is new to me and I don't know if its everywhere (I'm in North Carolina).  I'm sure you can find it at any type of dollar store. 

Well folks, weighing in the morning, wish me luck and good luck to all Saturday WW'ers!!!!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

dollar general is such a southern staple! isn't it hilarious how you can be in a one-horse, no-red-light town, and there will usually be a DG somewhere out in the middle of a field. glad you found some wyler's lol. hope it's good, and here's wishing you a great weigh in! (you don't need luck because you've worked hard!)

Diz said...

Don't worry there's a dollar general next to one of my schools and I'm going to go in there this afternoon. I always buy the crystal light at Wal Mart- it's 2.50 there. But if it's a $1 at DG... :) YAYYYYY

Good luck on weigh in tomorrow! D

SuziStorm said...

I love those Wyler lights!! We have Dollar Generals here in NY too.

Thanks for following my blog!! Congratulations on all your success so far and keep up the amazing work!! I can't wait to read more of your fabulous blog.

Best of luck tomorrow at your WI!! xoxo