Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today I learned...

... that I have a job waiting for me at Weight Watchers when I get to goal.   I went to weigh in this evening and when they pulled out my file there was a note attached to it along with the Regional Trainers business card and the note said "ask her if she wants to be a receptionist.  *me - shocked*!!   Well, along with losing 0.4 I was pretty damn happy that I went for my weigh in.  This is exactly what I need to motivate me to get to goal.  5.4 lbs to go.. I can do this!!!!!!!


Diz said...


So proud. For some reason I'm kind of jealous- I would LOVE it if WW asked me to work for them. :) But that probably means I'd have to actually go in there sometime.

Miss you!!! xoxo

dawne said...

Congrats! I've heard many a WW say that this is what kept them at goal...working for WW. Sounds like the perfect maintenace plan to me!