Sunday, August 8, 2010

I haven't lost it yet

Well, the bf's mother left on Wednesday.  It was a fun trip but she's definitly a NC girl thru and thru and I think it'll always be better to visit her in her own element.  Having said that, I was happy J was able to have some family around for a while... especially his mama.  We ate so much crap while she was here though.. ugh.  We ate out almost every meal it seemed... and if we weren't eating out we were bbq'n at my parents place.  That alone always involve pasta salads, some sort of yummy desert, biscuits, buns, steak, cole slaw, beer...  just to name a few.  Anyway, I've had bad stomach pains all week and I only ran a couple times.  I've tried to make almost all veggie choices but it was a little more difficult at times.  I've also had some breakouts which is not fun.  My body pinches a fit when I don't give it the right types of food.

Friday night was my cousins wedding and it was sooo amazing. I had to leave work at 430 to drive 1 1/2 hours and the wedding was at 7.  There was no meal so I knew I had to hit a drive thru somewhere quick..  Across from my work is an A&W.. ahh what the hell..  So i chowed.  Went to the wedding and had a pile of drinks and danced and danced all night.  We had sooo much fun.  My cousin looked like a barbie doll.  She's so beautiful and I totally cried as she walked down the aisle.  I got to wear a cute little dress that I bought that week and I'm still getting so many compliments.  I'm really surprised at how many people at still telling me how great I look when they've seen my weightloss for months now.  But I don't mind, it feels so wonderful and motivating  (even though in my mind I knew I was off track and feeling/ really nasty inside and of course feeling 10lbs heavier).   We went back to my other cousins after the party and of course with lots of drinks in us we're all now ravenous.  We decided against ordering late night pizza but instead my cousin cooked up a feast, we chowed and went to bed.  It was the last straw for my stomach and I was up all night.  NOT GOOD :( 

Me and J got back home about 3pm the next day, went right to bed and slept till about 630.  I got up, got dressed and ran out the door for a 7 k run and it felt so good.  I was thinking on my run about how I still got it...  I haven't lost it yet. I'm feeling hopeless but I can still do this.  I haven't been to WW in 2 weeks but I WILL GO THIS WEEK and it will be ok!  I'm only up a few pounds so I'm not doomed.  As long as I run, and still make good decisions I will be ok!  I have to figure out a plan for work... the vending machine has gotten me at least twice last week alone.  This is not good. I will do my very best to stay within my points because that is what I need to do to keep this weight off!  So last night I made some of my go-to chili.  That always helps me stay on track.  Filling, delicious, low points, and healthy!!  mmm think I might have some now.. lol.


dawne said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

It's hard when you entertain company, when you start a new job, when you're not that far from goal, when people are complimenting you, etc., etc.

It's just hard. Keep up the good, positive attitude. You know the challenges, and you will get back on track.