Saturday, August 28, 2010

Further & faster

Today I ran 8k!!! My furthest distance to date.  I feel so friggin amazing.  I ran "the loop" and it wasn't bad at all.  A few hills but nothing I couldn't handle.  The big challenge will be when we run it the other way because there is a crazy long hill.  Oh well, I can do it, no problem.  I love running with my friend M...  she's so inspiring and I just love running with "someone" and I didn't know if I would.  I never would have run the loop if it wasn't for her and she said that made her feel amazing.  So I'm glad.  She also said we beat her best time doing the loop.  I really think running with someone makes me run faster!  yay

Eating isn't going as good as I would like but I did manage to not eat a big hunk of chocolate cake in the my office yesterday.  SCORE!  Not that it was easy and with the help of my boss it was sort of like torture.  I saw that the girls in Advertising had a huge double chocolate cake that they were carting around for someone's last day.  Of course a few minutes later my boss (who's a total ball-buster btw) shows up at my cubicle eating a huge piece of choc cake.  Did you guys get some cake? he says... there's plenty left.  Um no thanks I said, I don't need to be eating that, I said.  Well, I should have just left it at "no thanks".  He then stood over me eating his cake going mmmmm  yummmm so good... double chocolate.  I picked up my headphone and plugged both my ears.. lol. 

Then the guy in the next cubicle is like, you don't eat cake?  Well, no, but only for obvious reasons.. hahaha then the girl on the other side of me says.. you can just have a small piece.  ENABLER!


This is my world people.  UGH!

Heehee so I'm proud to say I did not have to run off a piece of cake this morning... just pizza and 3 beers.. HA


dawne said...

There's nothing like running a long distance like that! Doesn't it make you feel like a champion!?! I'm so happy for you! Next, will be 10K. Seriously, after running 8, 2 more isn't that much. At least that's what tell myself!

dawne said...

Hey 8K runner...I left you an award on my blog tonight.