Monday, June 28, 2010

You better ice that

Some really wonderful things happened this weekend and some not so wonderful.  A friend of the family got engaged, my cousin got accepted into medical school and will be moving back from out west and I finally got called for an interview for my dream job!!  So excited!  He told me that he is looking forward to sitting down with me again since its been a few years and he told me to bring salary expectations, a portfolio, and my "A game".  I am locked and loaded with all 3.  The interview is not for 2 weeks so I have plenty of time to fully prepare and I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that I could best fully be prepared after a week in Mexico.  Because he loves me so much he spent some time looking at last minute flights, but the dates won't work out.  Oh well.
So, not so wonderful? Well, it was a whirl wind weekend, mixed with good and bad.  My brother and his wife had a "reception" bbq at a local park and we had a full house all weekend.  Lots of relatives hanging around, lots of food and drinks and all "on plan" kind of crap went right out the window.   Then to top IT ALL OFF in a failed attempt at a limbo competition, if you could even call it that - it was more like bordom from waiting for something I can't remember what, someone spotting a gate that looked about the right height, and someone's brilliant idea.  Not me, for the record.  Anyway, I totally and completely rolled over my ankle and its still getting fatter by the hour.  I'm limping and won't be running for some time *insert bawling and crying* WHHAAAAA. This also means I don't have much else to fall back on to undo the damage done to my body this week (and by that I mean eating and drinking my face off).   And as I mentioned before, my poor mother popped her shoulder in sleep and now she's in a brace as well.  We're a sad bunch I tell ya, and now I'm feeling like I should have ended this post with the wonderful things.. lol.  Anyway peeps, I'm really behind on all your blogs, I didn't touch my computer pretty much all weekend and got way behind, which I HATE.
So, Friday I had my weigh in and as I'm waiting in line I see on the bulletin board "Walk it challenge IS on - June 24"  WTH?  Nice that they change the date and don't tell us and all that time I was convinced they had changed the location.  I'm so completely over it by now, too much time passed for me to cool down.. hahaha and in my mind I did that 5k and thats all that matters.  Oh and I lost 0.2 - Yay me!!! 


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Yay, you! Salary expectations, portfolio, A game, check. Take care of that ankle. No interviewing on crutches.