Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walk it, run it, whatever

Yesterday I ate everything in sight.  I couldn't stop!  Cookies, crackers, chips, bread & pb, pickles, kiwi, the list goes on and on.  Anyway, this morning I was up 1.8.  I weigh in tomorrow so I have to try and get that off today somehow.. lol.  My day has started out good, but they always do.  I'm so bored that the days feel very long and I have YET to hear about that job interview. I have been informed that I will be one of 3 being interviewed once they start the process.  I'm totally thrilled about that, don't get me wrong, but the waiting is killing me!
So yesterday was our WW Walk it challenge.  I have to say I'm a cross between disappointed and pissed off.  Me and one other lady showed up, and she walked one lap and left.  I was so unmotivated when I saw that there was no sign that there was even a walk going on, no leaders, no nothing.  We were to do 6.5 laps around a local track.  There was tons of soccor practices going on but no sign of any weight watchers.  I figured since I had drove across town and had all my gear on I'd get a run in anyway.  I guess I'll find out what happened tomorrow.  I was mostly pissed because I NEVER do things like that... I'm not one to get involved in "events" or sign up for a runs, etc.  but I figured I would step outside my comfort zone and get involved for once.  Well, I was only left feeling bummed out, let down, and feeling like this is exactly why I don't do this sort of thing.  Also, that my kind of peeps ran the Johnny Miles on the weekend.  Thats probably the sort of thing I should have been involved in.  Oh well, life goes on, I'm glad that I at least found the motivation to run it anyway.  Weigh in is tomorrow, I hope I can have a loss, even a small one would do.  Later peeps xoxox


dawne said...

Yep, I know all about those eat everything in sight days. The gain is probably only temporary. Too bad about with timing with your weigh in. Maybe you were at the wrong track??? That is so weird that a leader wouldn't be there. I'd be mad too!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, you reminded me of a time when I got talked into (guilted into) walking for a particular cause, then the woman who guilted me into it didn't show up!

"She took her son to hockey practice," her twin sister informed me.


OK, sorry that happened to you. That is great news about the interview. You will rock it. Do you like the soundtrack for "A Chorus Line"? The song, "One" is a good one to listen to before an interview. It will pump you up!

Don't worry about the slip up. You will be fine.

Diz said...

Um...the 1.8 is water weight. You'll drop it again, probably by tomorrow. Good luck with weigh in! And I know you're pissed about the walk, I would be too, but hey- YOU are the one who showed up! THEY should be embarrassed and pissed, not you (not that you're embarrassed, but they should be). You're awesome girl.

Tami said...

I hate days like that where you just want to feed yourself all day long!

What a shame no one showed up for the event.

Wishing you well for the job interview.