Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dodged a bullet, keep on keepin on

I'm feeling really good this week I have to say.  I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was back down to 153.4!  I was so happy about this I went right out for a 7 k run, and ate really well yesterday.  Then, the evening came and I just didn't feel like cooking.  We decided to get some Subway, I figured I'd eat a 6 inch veggie and have some of my chili with it.  Then somehow we got the idea of Quizno's, we had some coupons that came in the mail a few weeks ago with some pretty good deals.  DAMN THOSE MAIL COUPONS.  I usually throw them out when they're KFC or McDonalds but we hung on to these one.  Anyway, you all know how it went from yesterdays lesson.  I decided to get a veggie sub regular size, what harm could that do to me?  WELL, 19 friggin points.  I was devasted, I felt bloated and gross and walked around holding my stomach for an hour.   My boyfriend said I'm only bloated because I found out what was in it... he's probably right.  Anyway, I drank tons of water last night, got up at least twice to pee throughout the night.  This morning I weighed 153.2, oh thank god!  I don't know how I managed that with all the sodium but I'm not taking that for granted.  I hope I don't pay for that tomorrow but I've already had my run and its nothing but water and eating good from here on out. 

I'm feeling back in control and thats everything to me.  I just love when the sun is shining I decided to show some pics of my street and how beautiful it is outside.  How can you not want to run up and down this street. lol.  I run along a trail which is really pretty and someday when I decided to take my camera with me for a run I'll take lot of pics.

Down my street, not a cloud in the sky!

Up my street

Oh and thats my hot black car at the top.  *sigh* I love my car.  It was my way of getting a sportcars out of my system before I settle
Well, I hope you're all having a beautiful day.  Peace xo


dawne said...

Yay on the weight loss!!! I can't wait to be in the 150's! What's your goal weight? Enjoy the sun -it's cloudy and raining in Niagara.

Love the hot black car.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

go you!!! i know what you mean about the quizno's. i was at burger king for lunch one day after a (gallbladder disease) doc appointment, and i knew i had to find grilled chicken. the sandwich i got was HUGE (as big as a whopper), and when i looked the nutritional info up online later, i saw it had like 20+ grams of fat and 500 or 600 calories. i was so mad!

keep up the hard work, deary!

Diz said...

I am so proud of you!!! Your street does look gorgeous btw, I would run it if I was there. I should take pics of my running'd die! I don't know if it's as green, but it's definitely beautiful too. I love that we're runners!!!! You motivate me to go out and run today. xoxo

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Good job getting your groove back!

Enjoy that sportscar! Someday, you'll be driving a minivan or an SUV full of kids' sports equipment, wondering how it happened.....