Friday, May 21, 2010

Dreams of jobs & weight loss

Its weigh in day again.  I'm feeling pretty good about it I think.  I didn't manage to stay within my points all week but the last few days I did and that felt awesome!  I'm been dropping all week little by little and I've hit a new low this morning 153.8.  YAY.  It will be a little more when I get to WW obviously because I always weigh at home sans clothes, but I should still see a nice little loss.  I've been able to run a few days this week and I've worked hard with my dad a lot too and that always burns a ton of calories.

So, to talk a little more about this dream job I mentioned before, I'm so excited you can't even imagine.  I had said that I draw for a living and what I actually draw is blueprints, mainly commercial buildings, and I love it!  I work independently right now but theres just not enough work, finding clients is the hardest part of working for yourself I've found.  While theres always tons of work all over the country, companies are leary about hiring someone they've never met and is so far away.  Having said all that, there is this job that I've wanted in this town ever since I went to college.  Its a major grocery store chain that I worked for since I was 15 and I always wanted to design their stores and remodels and renovations and so on.  Well, I completed my internship there and ever since just dreamed of working there, not to mention that there corporate office is a pretty coveted place to work if you live in this town.  I never thought that one of these positions would actually become available and it has.  I've applied, and also made a phone call to this guy that oversees this position and I know him.  Did I mention that my father worked for this company for over 40 years before he retired, and had a pretty sweet position?  Well, of course he's already offered to make a phone call but I really feel that the contacts I've made for myself as well as my resume should speak for themselves....................... unless I don't get a call.. lol then they have a major flaw in their system and they will be getting a call haha.  The fact of the matter remains though, I am more than qualified for this job, not only should I be guaranteed an interview I should get this job.

Ladies, I've asked everyone to put out positive vibes for me and I need yours too.  Positive, positive, positive.  Of course I may not get it and I don't want you all to feel bad for me if I don't... it just means someone else was more qualified and of course that might happen, but I'm going to try and remain positve, positive, positive.  Also, it doesn't close till the 31 so I have a long time to wait.. blah.

Ok I'm off to WW, wish me luck.  Geez I'm asking for a lot these days.. lol


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

here's wishing you nothing but the best in EVERYTHING you do! proud of ya, sweet! xoxo

Diz said...

OMG you've lost so much weight girl! I can't believe it, you're less than 10 pounds of me. Congratulations on your weight losses!!!

And good luck with the job, I will definitely put all of the positivity and goodness out there for you. Prayers to heaven, positive energy to the universe, you name it and i'll do it- you deserve a great job that you love and that makes you happy. I want you to get it!!!!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am so excited about this job for you! You are going to get it! Let's be postive! You might as well take the rest of the month til the 31st and enjoy yourself! Then when you start your new job in June you will be all relaxed and ready!Thank you so much for visiting my blog. That is a fun little secret isn't it! ( :
also a new low - 153.8! awesome!!!!!
Have a pretty day!