Monday, May 31, 2010


I got on the scale this morning and now I'm depressed.  Great way to start out a post huh?  Ever since I started weighing in on Friday's instead of Saturdays my cheat days goes from Friday into Saturday and carries over till Sunday.  I really think I need to switch it back.  I originally changed to Friday's because Friday night in my house (parents house) is pizza night and I didn't want to have to deal with that on my night before weigh-in every week.  But this week we did have pizza on Thursday night instead and I still lost 0.8, which was more than I thought all week.  So maybe having pizza consistently on fridays before weigh in will be fine..  I do have vegetarian anyway.  hmmm..  I think this will be a plan.  The only other thing that discourages me is I've heard that Sat's weigh in is lined up out the door, I don't like this, my meeting is already packed and we're in this tiny little room in the basement of the YMCA.  Anyway, I can already tell I'm chatty this morning. 

So, before this post gets too long I really have to recap the weekend because I had myself convinced that I didn't have such a bad weekend and I'd be up a couple pounds and no big deal, I always get it off and then some.  So, I get on the scale this morning and I'm up over 6 lbs!!  I can't believe it, I'm sure that I'm retaining fluid but seriously I have to now right out everything I ate this weekend and cringe all the way thru it and please don't judge  I went off plan for 3 days and while it didn't feel like I ate constantly it was still nothing but crap!  So.... this is my punishment. 

Friday - Cheat Day:
Fruit explosion muffin
Stouffer's Mac & Cheese
2 - 3 cheese pizza pockets
1 slice of bread w/ margerine
Went out to dinner:
1 beer (I always drink light beer, it goes without saying but Canadian light beer is equal to regular American beer - just saying)
3 mozza sticks dipped in ranch dressing
Fish & Chips - hardly ate any fries, they were no good
Evening -  more beer
(This doesn't include all the other things I nibbled on and can't remember)

All Bran Buds
Almond milk
6.8 km jog
3 bean chili
grilled cheese - made with vegan butter and rice cheese slices

That evening was my cousins Annual Lobster Feast Cottage Party
Let the debauchery begin.
Chips and more chips
Hot dog with bun
Fruit Tray
Cheese Oozy Guacamole Bean dip
tostitos scoops & multigrain rounds
2.5 lobsters dripping with butter
Beer Beer
Chips & Beer
Hotdogs, Chips & Beer
Played lots of Wii... lol

Water.. lol. 
1 hotdog with bun 2 more without bun
Came home and slept and slept
Footlong veggie sub
Bowl of special K (at 10pm)
Silk light

Weight Friday morning 152.8
Weight Monday morning 159.4
I also just want to say, I wrote NONE of this down so who knows what else I ate and can't even recall.  So sad, I'm the biggest advocate of journaling so when I don't I have major guilt about it.

I really feel like I need to be accountable and who best to confess to, the bloggers I love and who love and support me.......  because you understand. 
SO, this is it!! Back on plan.  No more 3 days binge fests.  Summer hasn't ever begun and I'm getting out of control.  Before this weekend I had 3 lbs to lose to goal.  I'm going to get back on plan strictly and get back to basics!  If you're still reading thanks for listening.. lol.   Heart peeps! xoxoxox


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Let the debauchery begin. LOL

I hope the confession was good for your soul and for your plan to get back on program. I had a good day on Saturday, then fell back into a graduation cake yesterday. It's hard to be around family and friends and food. OH MY!!!

Don't fret over that high number; so much water retention, especially in the summer season. The body doesn't know if it needs extra fluid to sweat or what. It's confusing.

Be calm and you will be fine.

dawne said...

I'd be the last person to be judging you! :) We've all been there. Also, I doubt the 6 pounds is true weight - just up from the sudden onslaught of food. Drink lots this week, eat right and you'll have a good loss. It's when we throw our hands up in the air because of the 6 pounds, then they become 10 etc.

I look forward to hearing about your big loss next!

Tami said...

I hate it when that happens. Just get back on track and you can drop those pounds fast. Drink tons of water and eat healthy.

You can do it!

Blasé said...

pfsst! You look just fine.

Lindsay said...

That's okay tomorrow starts a new day! You will do great!

Diz said...

This is my life story. AT least you admitted everything that you can remember...for some reason with the blog I have a tendency NOT to want to admit everything so my readers can be like...what the... :)

Anyway, you can do this. I know you can. If anyone can- you can! You've done amazing so far and you can reach your goal, I know it!! Good luck babe!