Friday, March 26, 2010

Venting..... and breathing

Oh my *sigh* tomorrow is weigh in.  I'm not sure whats going to happen, I thought I had a good week but the scale at home didn't move much this week.  I guess thats sorta to be expected since I lost 2lbs last week.  I really wanted to make this weigh in count big time because its my last weigh in for a few weeks, last weigh in in the States.  Yes, next thursday I head back to my native land Canada, and bid farewell to the US of A for good.  I have the most hectic, busy and stressful week ahead of me.  Packing is at the forefront right now, but I can deal with packing... I pack like a champ, its unpacking I hate!!  But it means trying to get rid of all the food thats left in the cupboards.  I've been holding off eating alot of it till after tomorrow.  We have so many commitments coming up and all involve food.  Saturday we are going to J's dads for a "going away party" which I'm going to assume will be burgers and potato chips as a side.  Sunday we're heading to a friends for a bbq, Tuesday we're going to dinner with Jeremy's mom and step dad.  Then Wednesday is the dreaded goodbyes... then Thursday we hop in the U-haul and drive for 2 days straight.  Theeeeeeennn, when I get home my family will be so excited to see us and they loooove to partay!  Not to mention Easter weekend...  food food food FOOD.   Oh my gosh, when I lay it all out like that its makes me feel even more stressed.  So back to my weigh in - I'll probably be up or down .4 or so.  I guess I'll take whatever it is and move on but please lord give me strength in the upcoming week... I'm going to need all the strength I can get!!  I'll get back to WW in Canada asap but I'll be scared to see the result from the week of hell leading up to it.  Ok, this was my vent post.  Thanks for listening.  Breathe....................


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Please, Lord, give Keri the strength in the upcoming week. She's been such a good person in sharing what she's learned.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

oh, Keri, just don't worry! you have a lot to do ahead of you. continue looking to the Lord for strength. it is through

him that we can do ALL things!
if food is part of the party at the family engagements and at Easter, i say enjoy it. it's part of life for a reason! you know yourself well and are very good at controlling what you eat but not denying yourself. you are gonna pull through!! <3