Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To my track ~ thanks for the memories my concrete friend

I may be on hiatus after this post, I'm not sure if I'll get another chance to blog in the next few days.  We have spent all day today packing, tomorrow we load up the U-haul and Thursday we hit the road.  I promise I'll be back on Saturday and I will keep track of all the things I learn along the way and share one for each day.. lol, I'll also fill you all in on my road trip adventures and terrible eating habits.  Which by the way, have already begun.  I've been feeling so bloated and nasty for about 4 days now... hardly been exercising and not following my points as strictly as I always do.  I actually feel like there's been a boulder in my gut for days. 

However, it was beautiful this morning so I went for my run.  It occured to me that it would probably be my last at that track and I smiled when I thought about how many pounds have been left on that very track.  Oh me and my track, I'm gonna miss my ol' buddy... it was always love/hate but it was with me through good and bad, thick & ahem.. thin.. lol.  

Alright peeps, farewell for now, chat with y'all (yeah I said y'all) on the weekend.  Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week.



Diz said...

Your post inspires me to get out there and go running again. I love you, be safe! Can't wait for you to get back online. xoxoxo-


Diz said...

OMG- you guessed on my blog that I won the Heidi look-a-like contest when I was 11 and you were right!!! Hahahaha- I totally did- won 100 dollars and on to the next round, were I lost. :) But my picture was in the newspaper and everything! So funny!!

SuziStorm said...

I am so in love with you and I miss you dearly!! I hope the voyage is going well and I can't wait until you are back. I know it may take a few to get settled but I know you will be ready to take everything head on once you are set.

Great job by the way on getting out there and getting that run in on the ole' track. I'm sure it was very happy ;-)