Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was warned.. *humph*

Today was just not a good day "diet" wise.  We took my bf's mother to a doctors appointment in Charlotte.  When we were getting close I noticed we drove by a Trader Joe's, I said omg I've heard about Trader Joe's, bloggers mention it all the time.  So we decided to check it out while we waited.  I love Trader Joe's!! yay.  My bf called me over to the cereal aisle one point with a big smile PEANUT BUTTER PUFFINS!! OMG  I have been warned about these little buggers (specifically by thanks girl) so of course I had to get them.  We bought nothin but munchie stuff... I thought I made good choices, Turkey Jerky, Puffins, Guilt Free brownie mix and Sea salt pitas w/ hummus.  When we got back to the doctor's office we sat in the parking lot and opened it all (except the brownie mix)  uuuggghhh.  Then we went to Ikea and it was lunch time now and bf's mother was starving so we went to the caffeteria.  So now I'm feeling guilty cause I already pigged out so I got a chicken ceasar salad, which lets be honest is not really a healthy option.  I also couldn't resist a small side order of mac & cheese.  Have you ever seen the food at Ikea? Its deadly, you would never imagine.  So anyway, I only ate half my mac & cheese and was begging my bf to eat the rest, because it was sooooo good and I was starting to really hate myself.  He says to me, if you don't want to eat it don't eat it.  This infuriates me because yes it should only be that simple but its not that simple and please don't try to oversimplify everything that I struggle with every day of my life..  lol.  I digress.  I ended up taking a napkin and squishing it down into the m&c...  ahhh  small victory.  Inside I was crying, I wanted to pull out the napkin and lick the cheese off it, but in front of my "not yet mother in law to be" I have to show some restraint.  Well I only had 5 points left by the time we got home (once i kinda sorta figured out the damage) and I had a turkey burger & veggies for supper so that was not too bad.  However, no exercise at all, we took as many shortcuts as possible thru Ikea so that doesn't count and now I have tons of new, exciting, yummy foods in my cupboards that I want to dive into head first.  I'm purposefully not making the brownies tonight because I know I'll eat 3 before bed.  Shhh.... whats that pita chips & hummus??  eat me??? ok....  gotta run peeps.   Caio (no pun intended)


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

pita chips and hummus own me! i'm laughing about you guys tearing into the grub...because it reminds me so much of myself!
and i know how you feel about other people and their oversimplifying comments (especially guys). "just eat less and exercise." nevermind emotions out of control, aunt flo, etc. i know that sounds like making excuses, but those are things that have clouded my judgment before!

but i am proud of you for giving so much thought to what you're eating. you've made so much progress in your life with this! i know you know it's hard! "just eat less and exercise!" LOL

Diz said...

Gurrrrl...I LOVE trader joe's, and yet I have to be super careful when I go in there, because basically everything I buy there I go ballistic with. You REALLY have to watch what you buy there, cause you'll eat it all, and then you'll get the great "well at least it was healthy" feeling (even when it's not always super healthy, but it's organic or something else which makes you feel somewhat better) and then you keep going. Watch out for TJ's! I'm going there tomorrow, ps. :) Loves! Miss chatting with you!

The Monkey and Me said...

Don't beat yourself up! You did great - you tracked all day even through the snacking!
Next time you go to Trader Joes though you gotta get a plan - they have great marinated fresh chicken in flavors like Pesto Genovese, Pollo Asado, and Curry -great coffe, cheap TJ brand greek yogurt that is great- the hummus - Tzaki, Balela chick pea salad - canned cuban black beans - great sauces - omg I spend way too much on groceries - but I love their food!!

Jess said...

I absolutely LOVE pita chips! I could eat a whole bag by myself in one sitting. I feel your pain. I know how hard it is to say no to food that is sooooo yum. Why does food have such control of us? It's crazy. But congrats on putting the napkin in it. I don't think you did all that bad, actually. Don't beat yourself up though, tomorrow's another day!