Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trying to visualize warm weather *humph*

Just the other day I was blogging about running in a short sleeve shirt ~ today earsmuffs & gloves again.  Ugh, this winter is exhausting.  Its like a bad movie that just when you thinks it over it keeps going.  I'm so over it.  My parents are in Ft Myers right now, so jealous.  Well, the main thing is I ran even though it was cold.  I'm feeling extra motivated this week to exercise because I'm approaching a milestone.  Well, 2 actually but one I'm soooo excited about.  The first one is I'm 2.8 away from 40lbs, that will rock buuuuuut this morning I weighed 161.2 which means I'm 1.4 lbs away from being in the 150's!!!  I'm so excited about this I could scream.  My goal is 147 which means I'm on the homestretch!!  I am prepared to stay in the 150's for a while and that's ok because when I'm there I'll know that I'm just 10lbs overweight!! Boy is that a long way from where I was...
Anyway, another thing I wanted to talk about is visualization.  This morning before I ran I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating my oatmeal and filling out the first entries in my WW Journal.  Every morning I weigh myself and write it in my journal so I can keep track of up & downs and so on.  Well, beside this mornings weight I wrote big numbers 159, and I started just visualizing that number. 159 159 159 159.  Then I had a flashback..

**** Insert Note:  Right now my boyfriend is eating a Hot Pockets and chips and its smells so good I want to kill myself ****

Anyway back to my flashback, it was in the summer and I was in Nova Scotia running on my treadmill and I remember as I'm running going 179 179 179 179.  hahahaha..  Well I guess it worked, the 170's have come and gone like a faint memory in time. 
Do you guys visualize your dreams?  I know that when the "Secret" craze hit a lot of people I know jumped on this bandwagon of the "law of attraction" and so forth, I have actually been following this belief system since I was younger, my mom got me into it.   I really do believe if you put positive energy into the universe positive things will happen in your life.  I also don't rely on miracles to happen and I'm not expecting to see any talking snakes or burning bushes but as far as my life is going I'd say I've had everything in life I've ever needed...... even if from time to time I try to visualize diamonds and fancy running watches... hey its worth a try ;)
Hope you're all having a beautiful day!!

I bought a new mug last week (I love, and have a small collection of my favorite, big mugs) so in the spirit of my blog today, here it is.

Relax Deeply

Dream Big

Believe with all your Heart


Diz said...

Fabulous post my love. I almost wrote a post about visualization a few posts ago but got sidetracked by the fear posts...but it will come soon! I love this! :)

And I love the mug. YUM.

139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139. ;)