Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Your Life!

I forgot how much I love running in a short sleave t-shirt.  Its a beautiful day here in North Carolina folks and its the first day in months I ran without my headband & gloves, not to mention warm coat zipped up to my nose.  Reasons to go outweighed the reasons to lay on my couch.  Even though reasons not to go weigh 3 times as much (isn't it funny how that works) I had to work off that IHOP spinach & mushroom omelette from a few hours earlier because *guess what* we're going out to dinner again this evening.   Geez, I never do this but when it rains it pours.. this time its raining commitments.  All fun commitments so I'm not complaining, aaaand I got to see my parents whom I haven't seen in 7 weeks and they gave me the most wonderful boost in spirit and compliments.
Now back to food, *point of fact* - IHOP does not list all their nutritional info on their website (red flag much?) but I tracked down the info online.  So if anyone cares ~ Cal 679 Fat 7.4 Fibre 2.8 Sodium 1097.9 (oops) AKA 14pts.  Isn't that lovely!! Well I suppose it could have been worse if I had gotten the pancakes on the side "just fruit for me thanks".  
Anyhoo, I just felt liking writing out the words to a song I listened to twice in a row while running lol.  I hope it inspires you, it inspires me  ;)  Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend!!

This is the moment, its on the line
which way gonna fall?
In the middle between wrong & right
but you know after all

Its your life whatcha gonna do?
The world is watching you.
Every day the choices you make say what you are
and who you heart beats for, its an open door
It's your life!

Are you who you always said you would be?
With a sinking feeling in your chest.
Always waiting for someone else to fix you,
tell me when did you forget
Its your life

To live the life that you believe
this is your opportunity
to let your life be one that lights the way


Diz said...

I especially love the 2nd stanza and really needed to read/hear that. Glad to see/hear you've been outside running, isn't it the best? Nothing else makes me as happy as running outside in great weather. It's truly a unique and special experience every time. :)