Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Its the end of this rut (as I know it) and I feel fine

Today I'm taking the first steps to get out of my rut. Its grocery day and I've decided that I'm doing away with 100 calorie snacks. From now on when I need a snack, or something sweet, its going to be an apple, an orange, a banana, or yogurt & berries. Not 2 point cheetos, or 2 pt chocolate covered pretzels, or 2 pt little debbies snack cakes (which are the size of my thumb anyway), or 2 tiny little chocolate chip cookies. I used to think these 100 calorie snacks were the greatest thing ever invented but they are just unsatisfying and nothing else... certainly not nutritional.
Unfortunately, its raining today so my next step of getting back to jogging will have to be put off a little longer. At least the rain will help get rid of this snow, so I can wait, I'll just keep on "shreddin".