Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I can't believe its actually butter, well margerine.

Yesterday was grocery day, *sigh* my favorite day.  I just love going out and discovering new food items that are low cal.  I love reading labels and comparing, and don't get me started on the produce section.  I love buying a ton or F & V's.  Anyway, I was most excited about finding this butter spray that I had "discovered" while watching "Ruby".  She was raving about this "I can't believe its not butter" spritz stuff, and how its 0 calories.  UM WHAT? Why has noone ever told me about this?!?  Ok, so I will admit something here and it may be a little embarrassing.  I did think back to certain times when I may have seen on a blog somewhere or a recipe or heard people maybe mention butter spray but I thought that they were talking about butter flavored Pam (heehee oops) and I was always like "noone is going to convince me that spraying Pam on a baked potato or popcorn is a reasonable substitute.. I'll use a tsp of butter and sacrifice the points thank you".  Well, I didn't know that there was an actual butter spritzer (I'm sure its Margerine but for 0 cal who really cares).  I'm sure I'm the last person in this alternate universe to know about this but I'm soooooo excited. I bought the Parkay brand, it was exactly the same by comparison and cheaper, hello.  I put it on my veggies last night and then I made popcorn, you know, just to see if it worked.  DElish! Anyway peeps, its been added to my latest "discoveries & addictions" list but I felt I needed to add a little something in case you all are like "yeah we've all known about it for years" lol.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

i'm laughing just thinking about spraying pam on popcorn -i'm totally with you on it! glad you found something good at the store!