Thursday, January 28, 2010


So they say you learn something new everyday. Well, I believe this to be true. This will be a combination of life lessons and general ramblings (i'm sure) but I'm anxious to find out what I learn from learning alone. Come along on this journey with me and you might learn something too... maybe you'll just get a kick out of my mindless ramblings about the daily minutiae that we all face everyday. However, there are two things I know for sure.... 1. THERE'S ALWAYS A LESSON IN THERE SOMEWHERE and 2. Some days it will be harder to find.

First off here are a few random facts about me.
1. I started Weight Watchers in July/09 and I'm down 34lbs so far...
2. This is my second time losing weight with WW. Last time I lost 60lbs and put 50 back on.
3. I'm Canadian and my boyfriend is American. For the past 2 years we have spent 6 months in each country. How you ask?
4. I am Independant Architectural Technologist so I can work anywhere I have an internet connection.
5. I jog 3 miles everyday... and just started Jillian's Michaels 30 day shred (day 2)
6. I follow several weightloss blogs, they inspire me.
7. I listen to Howard Stern and Rosie ODonnell everyday on SiriusXM.
8. Rosie ODonnell is my idol, I follow her blog daily.
9. I listen to audiobooks while I jog and I'm hooked on the Twilight Saga.
10.My two favorite shows are The Biggest Loser and Lost and they will overlap starting Tuesday and I'm pissed.
11.I love Lagy Gaga but my favorite band is Rancid, and Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" inspires me lol
12. I count my blessings everyday.