Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

I missed my weigh in yesterday due to the weather & road conditions. We have to drive about 25 mins and even though I'm a Canadian girl I still had to agree the roads were just too nasty. I'm pretty bummed about it even though I'm still in the midst of a plateau and wouldn't have seen much of a difference either way. I still feel like I need my meetings, so I had the feeling all day of "I called in sick to work, but I'm not really that sick".
My plan this week;
1. Get back out jogging as soon as the snow clears
2. "Shred" everyday. (JM's 30 day Shred)
3. Watch my snacking.
4. Watch my sodium.
5. Watch my points!

Because of my Gall Bladder attack the doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid for the next 2 days (a low fat diet). I'm going to see if I can follow this regimen all week, even though I have an avacado that is staring at me and whispering my name when I walk by.